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Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park

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Trail Etiquette
muddy conditions, trail etiquette, Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park
  • Stay on Established Trails
Well-built trails are designed to preserve the land and protect it from erosion.

Short-cutting or going cross-country damages the delicate landscape.

  • Avoid Using Trails in Muddy and Wet Conditions
Foot and bike traffic on muddy trails cause irreversible damage to the trail.

Going off-trail when conditions are muddy leads to greater erosion.
  • Dogs Must be on Leashes
It’s the law!

Not all trail-users appreciate your pet like you do.

Noxious weeds often hitch rides on your pet's fur.
  • Clean Up after Your Dog
Pet waste spreads disease.
  • Be Courteous and Share the Trails
Downhills users yield to uphill users.

Cyclists yield to hikers.

Let fellow trail users know you’re coming - a friendly “hello” is nice.
  • Pack it in - Pack it out!
Take your trash with you!

Leave No Trace principles.

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